Mauryan And Gupta Empire Map

The maurya empire was a geographically extensive iron age historical power based in magadha and founded by chandragupta maurya which dominated the indian subcontinent between 322 and 187 bce. It was succeeded by the shunga dynasty which ruled in central india for approximately a century.

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Evolution of mauryan empire and its predecessors 600 180 bce according to joseph e.

Mauryan and gupta empire map. Origins of the mauryan empire. The empire was a highly efficient and organized autocratic state. They had trade routes going to the eastern hemisphere middle east and the mediterranean world.

For the gupta empire trade was easier. This meant that the gupta empire inherited the land owned by the mauryan empire. Chandragupta was assisted by career diplomat and economist chanakya a high caste north indian in.

Mauryan dynasty was founded by chandragupta maurya that existed in the subcontinent of india during 325 185 bce. Prior to the rise of the maurya numerous states large and small covered northern indiathis was the classical age of the history of ancient india a time of religious ferment when two new faiths buddhism and jainism appeared. One obvious difference between the two empires is that the gupta empire was smaller that the mauryan.

It lasted from 321 to 185 bce. The maurya empire began in 250 bce and occupied an area of approximately 5000000 square kilometersit emerged as a result of a combination of states in the northern india that created one state. Learn more about the mauryan empire in this article.

They were able to use land trade and sea trade. The maurya and gupta empires if youre seeing this message it means were having trouble loading external resources on our website. Schwartzbergs a historical atlas of south asia.

Shows chandraguptas overthrow of the nanda empire 321 bce gains from the seleucid empire 303 bce and the southward expansion before 273 bce. It was the biggest and earliest empire in the which was established by an indian dynasty. There isnt much of a difference in geography between the mauryan and the gupta empires as the gupta empire was the predecessor of the mauryan.

The maurya and gupta empires had a bunch of different trade routes. Read and learn for free about the following article. One of the largest of these states was magadha.

Mauryan empire in ancient india a state centered at pataliputra later patna near the junction of the son and ganges rivers. Mauryan empire was sinewy empire in ancient india from 321 to 185 bc. Maurya dynasty map showing their capital boundaries and cities where they ruled.

Comprising the majority of south asia the maurya empire was centralized by the conquest of the indo gangetic plain and its capital city was located at pataliputra modern patna.

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